We sell commercial products for playground, park,
downtown development, housing development, and sports
facility projects.
        The Design Service page provides details on our site
planning and preparation, design, and installation services.
We have served public and private schools and daycares,
Head Starts, downtown development authorities, municipalities,
architects, construction managers and contractors in
Michigan for more than 35 years.
    Our NPSI-certified playground safety inspectors will
ensure that every project complies with Michigan's public
playground safety regulations.
Volunteer supervision serviceCPSI services and helpful links to playground safety issuesPhotos and descriptions of safety violations
Playground Equipment

itness equipment

icnic tables, benches and grills

Playground safety surfacing
-Wood, uniform wood chips
-Rubber, poured-in-place
-Rubber, loose-fill
-Rubber, tiles
-Wear mats

Sports equipment and bleachers
-Portable aluminum bleachers,
-Player benches
-Basketball goals
-Baseball bases
-Tennis posts, nets, windscreens
-Volleyball posts and nets
-Soccer goals and nets
Shelters and Pavilions

Shade structures

Site Furnishings

Park service equipment
-Picnic Tables
-Bike racks
-Grills, fire rings
-Litter receptacles

-Custom signs for parks and